The Jail is located at the following address:

11600 Ridge Parkway

Broomfield, Colorado 80021

Directions to jail: Google Maps

Below are Police, Jail and Court Resources to help guide you through the process. If you have legal questions regarding your case, please contact your attorney. 

  • You'll need to remember your court date(s) and all the conditions of bond that have been set forth by the court.
  •  Failure to comply with bond conditions could result in a revocation by the court or the agent. 
  • If you miss court for any reason, please call your bondsman right away and let them know. We're always willing to remain as surety on your bond(s) if you communicate with our office.
  • REMEMBER if you FAIL TO APPEAR, DON'T PANIC!!!!" Call us right away and it will not cost you. Colorado Bail Agents have the ability to seek reinstatement of your bond(s) - Call for details.  

Welcome to STAT Bail Bonds of Broomfield, Colorado. We offer surety bonding services. If you know someone in custody in this Municipality please give one of our Bondsmen a call.

If you have a WARRANT, please call our TEAM of professionals to help you resolve the situation your in.

Broomfield County Bail Bonds Agents 303-466-6323

Our agency offers bonding programs that others do not. We take a No-Non sense approach to every consumer and defendant we help! Every case is different, and all people are not the same. We look at all aspects of the case from the charges to the compliance of an individual. We're not attorneys, and we are not permitted to refer anyone to a law firm or particular professional. If you need LEGAL ADVICE please contact your lawyer or look one up on GOOGLE or the COLORADO BAR ASSOCIATION.