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Google is an excellent resource for Bail Bond info and related topics such as Courts, Jails, Sheriff, Lawyers, Division of Insurance, Sircon, Perason VUE, Licensing, Police Departments and Prisons. If you need to find anything relating to bail, please use Google in combination with our site to find the resource you need. 

  • On Site Audits of Bail              Offices
  • Mentoring Bail Agents
  • Supervising Sub-Producers
  • Marketing for Bail Bonds
  • Search for Bail Agents
  • Continuing Education
  • New Bail Agent & Recovery    Classes
  • ​Monitoring of defendants      on bond with court                  imposed conditions

Our bail agents have the expertise and professionalism you require. 

Our professional team has over 15 agents comprised of experts with backgrounds in Healthcare, Courts, Court & Statute Searches, Law Enforcement, Private Investigations, Auditors, General Surety Agents, Military, Recovery Agents, Webdesign & Marketing, Mentoring, Supervising Positions, and Bail Bonds. 

SEASONED experts with knowledge

We offer a State Approved educational program that encompasses a full host of Bail industry courses for Bail & Recovery.

STAT Bail Bonds,LLC primary role is to provide industry resources for consumers and defendants to aid in people management. 

Locate your court date, pay fines, look up court case records, contact info and more.....

STAT BAIL BONDS,LLC offers on the job training for new and seasoned bail agents looking to broaden their scope of practice.  


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